Thursday, June 17, 2010

Professional Portfolios

I had a chance to learn about digital professional portfolios this week. I was amazed at this concept and surprised that I haven't heard of them before. The three portfolios are a personal website, plaxo, and linkedin. They all share a common benefit in the fact that they're digital and can be accessed on the web by whoever need be. They also have an easy set up process that makes it convenient to get started. Each professional portfolio that was created ended up looking very professional and easy to read, which is a benefit when using it for any career related activity. I was very impressed by all three portfolios.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Library Thing

I'm not exactly the biggest reading gooroo you'll come across, but I like to pick up a good book once every few months, and the library thing is a great tool to help me select the types of books that I'm into. I love to read Christian based novels. They're very encouraging to me, and because of the books that I added to my library, I now have many suggestions of similar books of interest. What a great piece of technology!


I just had a blast playing around with the online generators! It took me awhile to get it figured out at first. For some reason it wouldn't create the magazine cover that I was trying to make, but it eventually worked. I was pretty cool. I made a subway magazine cover with a picture I uploaded from facebook. I was scarfing my face with a sandwich, so I thought it would be suitable.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Podcast Searches

Once again, I am amazed at how many useful tools there are on the web. Another tool that I just learned about is the website It has a seriously large amount of podcasts on all different types of topics. This could be extremely useful in my line of work. The only issue that I could see with this website is to not know which podcast to choose from after looking for a certain topic because there are so many, which is a good problem to have.

YouTube Video

For some reason my computer won't let me place the YouTube video that I selected inside this blog. If you would like to check it out it's titled Physical Education Teacher: Grades 3-5.

You Tube

You Tube is a website that I am already quite familiar with. I have watched many different videos strictly for entertainment purposes, but now that I'm preparing for my future career, I can see how youtube would be a great tool that could assist me in my tasks. First off, there are lots of different ideas that I could get from other people who posted videos. I learned a great variation to the game tag from youtube. It's called triangle tag, and that's just one example of how youtube could be beneficial as a future physical educator. I like youtube that much more now that I know it will assist me in my field of work.


Well, I just discovered another tool that could be beneficial in my career. The website is called technorati, and it's basically a huge data base of blogs that people have created. The cool thing about this website is that there are so many topics that could be discovered. One thing that I thought was rather strange was there are three different ways to look up a topic of blogs, and only one way seems to be of good use. I searched for kinesiology under blogs, and I had 28 results pop up, but when I searched for kinesiology blogs under posts, tags, and blog directory I couldn't find anything. I wonder if that's because it's a fairly new tool and they're still working out the kinks. I guess that means I'll just have to search for what I need under the blogs section.

After learning about the website, I found that this is another great tool that is very useful in my future line of work. There are thousands of different tags of great websites that can be very beneficial for my line of work. I simply typed in Kinesiology, and there were numerous amounts of webpages that people tagged that I could use. I also liked how organized it made things from the titles that people gave them. If I was looking for something specific like information on different types of leg work outs, then I could type in leg workouts and 109 tagged websites would be available. This is a great tool that I just discovered!